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This would appear to be confirmed by John Crabb having sold the lease of his own house, only a few doors away from the manufactory, on 2nd August Sidney Pratten guitarist, concertinist, teacher, friend of Giulio Regondi, and wife of the flautist R. Sidney Pratten on 9th May , though no price was recorded; Wheatstone was one of a consecutively numbered batch of twelve concertinas so all of one model that were sold to Messrs. Thus it would appear, at least from these examples, that both Wheatstone and Lachenal instruments were given the same serial numbers, which implies that there were two separate sequences. They list English-system trebles with 22, 24, 32, 40, and 48 keys, key baritones, and key Duets. Members of the Lachenal family have told me that Elizabeth Lachenal had Socialist leanings! Thus I would speculate that these are most likely Lachenal Anglo serial numbers, though the instruments would appear to have been labelled C. The known serial numbers for early Lachenal Anglos suggest that they belonged to a separate numbering sequence from the outset. The lowest-numbered surviving Anglo by them that I am aware of is CMC , with mahogany ends, twenty keys, a simple circle of fretwork with no central motif, such as later instruments had , and numbered buttons, labelled Louis Lachenal.

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numbers and descriptions which are useful to interpret the Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers. See also from Wheatstone. See also dating jeffries concertinas.

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The craftsmanship that has gone into making this instrument is absolutely stunning. I’d been very happy with my A. Norman anglo up till now, but it pales beside Marcus’ instrument. I’d have no hesitation in recommending any anglo players looking for a new instrument to go take a look at a Marcus Music instrument. For the price there’s nothing better out there.

So glad you’re pleased with it- as I said, I had a play of a Marcus Music Anglo at the Music Room in Cleckheaton recently, and was very impressed with the feel and the tone- and the price!

Concertina Connection Minstrel. The newest addition to the Concertina Connection line of anglo concertinas. key C/G with Wheatstone note layout, ebonized.

This note describes some information recently re-discovered about the production of Wheatstone Anglo concertinas with serial numbers above During these 37 years Wheatstone manufactured about 2, Englishes and Duets, with serial numbers from about through , and some 9, Anglos, with serial numbers from through A number of other people have contributed insights and information. Not everything can be explained, and there may well be misunderstandings and mistakes in what I have written here and I have made them all myself, since no one else has yet had a chance to review the text.

The generally-accepted story about Wheatstone concertina production has been that Wheatstone made concertinas English, Anglo, and Duet from serial beginning about , ending with or so in the mids. In Steve Dickinson resurrected the company and re-started production with concertinas beginning at I have also seen the theory that in the s some concertinas were assigned serial numbers based on two digits of the year of manufacture–so that ” ” would be the 73rd concertina made in , for example.

I have told parts of this story myself, and even circulated a table that I calculated, based on ledgers available at the Horniman Museum, showing the dramatic decline in concertina production after the s:. These ledgers begin in mid, at concertina

Great Canadian Concertinas 1829-1973 – 3

A woman’s smock, , British; Linen embroidered with red silk in a design of strapwork and flowers. Museum Number T. Free delivery for many products!

Indexes of serial numbers and dates in Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers with direct links to the scanned images.

In the early s, my father bought a Wheatstone concertina in London. He tells how he visited the factory where it was made to pick one out and recalls the ledger book in which details about the concertinas were recorded. After a recent retelling of this family classic, I was inspired to see what might be online related to concertinas. I was amazed! With fourteen contributing authors , the site includes in depth articles on concertina history , technology , music , research and a wide range of concertina systems.

I particularly appreciate the reasons that Robert Gaskins, site creator, lists for the creation of the site on the about page :. The reason for this is not that the material is so valuable, but that in the past there was no way to make material of limited interest available to everyone, so it stayed safely in archives. The web has provided a way to make this material widely available—partly by the libraries themselves, and partly in collections such as this.

But again the web has provided an answer, allowing people to work collaboratively and exchange information across miles and timezones, and for the resulting articles the web offers worldwide publication at almost no cost. What an eloquent testimonial for the power of the internet to both provide access to once-inaccessible materials and support virtual collaboration within a geographically dispersed community.

Next, I found the Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers. This site features business records in the form of ledgers of the C.

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The donor, Frederick Horniman, included some two hundred musical instruments in the gift of his collection and the Museum building. The Horniman is one of the few UK museums that collects instruments of popular music. In , the Museum acquired a large collection of concertinas, a bellows-blown free reed instrument that was the invention of another illustrious Victorian. Sir Charles Wheatstone was a physicist best known for his work on the electric telegraph, and as an inventor of scientific instruments.

Posts about Anglo Concertina written by Robert. An excavation in Dublin during the 18th century uncovered a fiddle and bow dating from the 11th century: this is the It was pioneered by an Englishman, Charles Wheatstone, in the s.

The indexes listed on this page contain serial numbers and dates from the Wheatstone Ledgers at the Horniman Museum, London. Each item listed below is a single index such as to serial numbers or to dates to a single ledger. Indexes lead to the Ledger identification and page number. This location information is a live link: click on it to see the colour photograph of the page from which the information was taken. This is only a beginning to the project of transcibing and indexing the Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers.

Do you know another resource that we should include? Tell us about it. The record for each serial number entry gives its date if present and a live link to the photograph of its page in the online ledgers. The record for each date entry gives its serial number if present and a live link to the photograph of its page in the online ledgers. Serial Number Lookup for Wheatstone Ledgers s to s by Robert Gaskins and Wes Williams A quick lookup for serial numbers in Wheatstone Ledgers covering the late s to early s; type in a single number and receive a report on all its occurrences in the ledgers.

Earlier ledgers from the Wayne Archives contain company sales records from the late s to the s along with production records from the s to the s and some early records of wages and other payments. Later ledgers from the Dickinson Archives contain production records from to All surviving ledgers have been digitized some 2, pages in total and made available free on the web for private research. The same material is also available to buy on an inexpensive CD.

Wheatstone Anglos with Serial Numbers 50,000+

It’s for a 6 sided, metal-ended, Wheatstone EC, vintage. It caught my attention because one of my own concertinas is Wheatstone , and the one being advertised on Ebay is serial number is Since I know mine’s listed in the Wheatstone ledgers as having been manufactured in , I was shocked to see one whose serial number is only 70 later than mine being advertised as having been manufactured 9 years later! HTM confirms that the manufacturing date for was April 5, Was business really so bad that Wheatstone averaged only 8 concertinas per year from to ?

If so, it’s no wonder they shut down!

While in tone it is not as rich and throaty as a Wheatstone – or make oldest concertinas in Canada, bearing an extremely low serial number dating to say,

Wheatstone – Ref: E48W2 An earlier Wheatstone with steel reeds, new 6-fold bellows, sweet sound, very quick, very pretty. Plays as good as any Wheatstone should, just a little more mellow. Lovely clear, sweet sound ideal for song accompaniment. Concertinas for Sale All instruments are available to try at our workshop in Shropshire. Please come and visit, ask questions, make comparisons and find one that suits you.

All our instruments have been restored using the correct parts, and tuned by us. They are ready to play, and will be checked and fine tuned again before sale. Only as makers and repairers, can we offer that guarantee.

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Just think about it, how many of your instruments can you date? Cheers Dick. I have a Gibson hollow body jazz guitar from the Gibson guitar company publishes the serial number range for their instruments by year, so I can say it is from , but not what exact date My fiddle was made in in a facotry in Ohio that went out of business in the Great Depression. I recently bought a Wheatstone, and was also intrigued to be able to look up not only the day that it was sold, but also the name of the person who bought it.

English Concertina c. , and now some Lachenal concertinas. In May ’05 I was tempted by what was described as a Wheatstone. It turned out to be a.

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Mahogany ends with plastic buttons, 6-fold bellows, leather hand straps. With case. With soft case. The newest addition to the Concertina Connection line of anglo concertinas.

Wheatstone Aeola Anglo Concertina in B flat F

By johnconstable , April 24, in Concertina History. Hi everyone. I’m trying to date my lachenal but I can’t find the database of lachenal numbers anywhere. Please could someone point me in the right direction?

Concertinas for Sale All instruments An earlier Wheatstone with steel reeds, new 6-fold bellows, sweet sound, very quick, very pretty. £1, 36 key plus whistle and squeak dating from , 6 inches across. Loud and.

The Met Fifth Ave opens August The Met Cloisters opens September Your health is our top priority. Charles Wheatstone. Wheatstone designed this instrument between and to play duets and accompany melodies. Just as with a regular English concertina, pressure and suction give the same note on two different reeds.

Wheatstone No.25750

Perhaps the most prolific of the London-based concertina makers, the Lachenal company was founded by the Swiss engineer Louis Lachenal, after his years firstly as a craftsman, then as a manager, at the Wheatstone workshops at 20 Conduit Street. A decent survey of Lachenal’s family history and his introduction of mass-production techniques into concertina manufacturing is that of Stephen Chambers , now on concertina. After around 18 years of concertina manufacture at the Conduit Street workshops, to , the new design of concertina resulting from Louis Lachenal’s new manufacturing processes were announced in Wheatstone’s promotional leaflet of mid , the sole surviving copy of which is now in the Horniman Museum Wayne Collection.

The 40 or so Lachenal concertinas in the Collection show the development of his key concertinas based on the designs he had produced whilst at Wheatstones, but the Lachenal factory built up a widespread network of dealers throughout Britain and around the world; we show below a selection of links to some of the dealers’ labels appearing on Lachenal instruments in the Collection.

The next question that many folks, including other concertina players, are likely to Which puts my instrument’s original manufacture date somewhere between He does not appear to have been an ex-Wheatstone man, but a “new” maker.

I wrote this update in early I’ve completely failed to produce any further update since, but concertina history has moved on quickly, with other contributors like Randy Merris, Stephen Chambers, Dan Worral, Chris Flint, Geoff Crabb and many more producing in-depth articles on the subject. This update remains here for historical reasons, but is also a reminder on how little we knew and how little was available only a short time ago.

This page is an updated section of the original article at concertina. Updating the article has proved difficult because of the rate at which new information has been appearing. Although I hope to release a full update sometime in , much new information has already appeared in the Concertina History Forum at concertina. Neil Wayne’s account of the early concertina years shows that many of the early makers were originally associated with Wheatstone.

Concertina: Wheatstone English System by Sean Folsom