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Beer has a freshness date: Here’s how to spot it and what to know

Dogfish Head? Where did that come from? Do you have food at the brewery? Not just any food, beer-centric food. Funny thing, we do! One rule, it has to be a growler with the government warning – no buckets, milk jugs, coffee containers, or other weird vessels.

How old is the bottle and in what country did you find it? Those don’t look like any code dates for Corona beers produced on or after January 1, for the U.S.

You are using an outdated browser not supported by The Brewers Association. Please consider upgrading! In a time where beer lovers have never had so many beer brands to choose from, never has date coding been so important. At the end of , the total number of operating breweries in the United States eclipsed 7, As beer drinkers are exposed to a vast amount of options, the importance of freshness will grow more valuable as a criterion in their purchase decisions.

It is because of the more aware consumer that date coding is now a critical tool that adds value throughout the supply chain. Additionally, date coding offers brewers, distributors and retailers an important safeguard that provides beer lovers peace of mind that the three tiers are dedicated to providing beer with high standards. For example, consider the effectiveness of different packaging lines and the potential exposure to oxygen that may vary wildly depending on equipment or operator.

Freshness is affected after packaging too, says Marrero, who highlights the need to have a strong distributor and retail partners. Marrero acknowledges that managing expectations with supply chain partners can be tough — like keeping beer cold throughout. Ultimately, though, he believes that the effort and investments on either side of printing a date code have a more impactful effect on freshness.

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Put BeerDates. Belgium the bartender slipped you a past-date beer? Got a mobile phone with a web browser? Use wap. The way distribution breweries print new dates is always subject to change.

Date Code Confusion. Fresh Beer = Better Beer. Yes, there are some delicious exceptions to the mantra, but most styles are best.

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We are constantly working to lessen our environmental impact by using fewer resources and returning what we can to nature. Distributors : This section is for our esteemed distributors only. If you pick up a bottle in your local retailer and you see the beer was packaged over 4 months ago in the case of a hop-forward beer ask your local retailer if they have a fresher package.

Quality Freshness

The answer to whether beer goes bad is a bit complicated. As a kind of alcohol, beer will certainly go bad after a while, but the shelf life depends on the beer style and the storage conditions. Most cans and bottles feature a best before date rather than an expiration date. The life a beer continues even after it is packaged and sealed, and like any living product, it will be affected by various things.

Skunky beer is commonly associated with over-exposure to light. Among the primary ingredients used to make beer are hops, which gives the beverage its flavor.

How to Code. For better or worse, there is no standard way or best practice guide to follow for date coding your beer. From a practical, legal.

As with wine and champagne bottles, beer and ale were bottled in a relatively limited array of bottle shapes. Beer and ale, being carbonated known as “pressure ware” in the bottle making industry , pretty much had to be contained in cylindrical heavy glass bottles since such a shape is inherently stronger than other shapes – all other things being equal, e. Beer bottles were of thick glass also since they had to be able to survive extensive post-bottling handling and use since these bottles were typically re-used many times, as evidenced by extensive base and side wear to many examples.

Louis, MO. Other colors – including cobalt blue – are unusual but occasionally seen. Note: All four of these very similar products are lumped together and referred to simply as “beer” in this section. Beer brewing began in the U. However, using bottles to contain beer was uncommon during that time as beer was dispensed from kegs in taverns and inns and bottles were relatively rare and expensive.

The types of bottles used for bottling beer in the earliest days would have been the common heavy glass black glass utilitarian bottles of the era which were used for various liquid products. However, until the early s the lighter lager beers were a relatively unusual bottled product nationwide. When bottled it was mostly for local distribution due to the issue of spoilage, though the heavier beers porter, ale, stout did preserve better than lager due to higher alcohol and hopping levels, both of which acted as preservatives Wilson ; Papazian Early pres dedicated beer bottles i.

With the prevalence of bottle re-use common, the same bottle could easily have held both products during its useable lifetime. In the early s, the process of pasteurization was applied to beer bottling allowing the increasingly popular lighter in color and body lager beers to be bottled and transported long distances without spoilage – something impossible before that time Wilson

Shelf life, packaging date & batch number

A loaf of bread has it. So does a carton of milk. There are now more bottles of beer on the store wall than ever — more than 2, domestic brands alone — making it harder for stores and consumers to steer clear of the stale stuff. Age is critical: Nearly all beer begins to deteriorate before it even leaves the plant, partly due to oxygen in the bottle, and many experts say most brews are well past their prime after six months. To identify when bottles and cans need to be yanked from the shelves, many brewers imprint them with cryptic letters and numbers that distributors can translate.

But did you know we’re adding bottle dates to both our bottles and cans? of our Rogue ales and lagers, we’ve started printing the date that Rogue was bottled.

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Local Beer Recommendations old thread older thread. Make more of these! It’s possible they use a combination of the julian date code and then a bottling line reference. The format looks something like this:.

How fresh is your beer?

It’s on the cases only. The packaging date is on the bottom of each can and on the side of each six pack. It is a Julian date that will read, for example, On the lower left side of the label is the month and year of bottling.

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What Beer are you drinking on facebook? Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Tags Login Register. I think lots of us are confused by bottled dating codes. Furley’s thread made me thing it would be nice to have a consolidate list of codes or links for codes for different breweries.

Dating your beer bottles ( ^x^)